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    Prayer Team

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    Are you a “secret agent” for God? At FCC, our prayer team participants serve the Kingdom of God as prayer warriors and intercessors. We desire to cultivate a culture of prayer at FCC and acknowledge our intercessors as “secret agents” because the life of an intercessor is one of diligent petition to God on behalf of His people “under the radar,” so to speak.

    Prayer is a little bit like “intelligence” (think CIA, NSA)…you don’t see it happening usually, but it is there and it is vital, to the point that, without it, the security and work of the country (or, in our case, God’s church) doesn’t work.

    The prayer team at FCC engages in the following:
    1. Teaching on intercessory prayer
    2. Prayerfully lifting up churches in West Chicago and our community leaders
    3. Praying for spiritual revival in our communities and in the world
    4. Battling against the forces of darkness in our community and world through prayer
    5. Leading the congregational in special events and ministries focused on prayer.

    Ultimately, we are praying that God's kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. And, we follow the example of the early church in "praying without ceasing" (adialeiptos proseukesthe, 1 Thess. 5:17).

    We welcome your prayerful participation!

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