News for Faith Community Church, Thursday, March 7

News for Faith Community Church, Thursday, March 7

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This past Sunday Pastor Nick concluded our journey through the Psalms with his sermon on Psalm 145, a magnificent song of praise to our King. Psalms 145 to 150 are sometimes called “The Great Doxology,” because these chapters provide an extended chorus of praise at the end of the Psalter. The Psalms bring together the great themes of the Christian life into one book. No wonder the reformer Martin Luther called the Psalms a “Bible in miniature.”

This Sunday, we’ll begin a new sermon series that ties in closely with our Refocus 2020 vision. The series is entitled “Missional Prayers of the Bible.” We’ll focus on a number of powerful prayers from both the Old Testament and New Testament. Each one will highlight the missional heart of God and the calling he places on his people as his chosen instrument to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. On Sunday we’ll get started by looking at Genesis 18:16-33 (please note the verse correction from last Sunday’s bulletin). In this passage, Abraham intercedes on behalf of Lot, his family, and the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. God uses this dialogue, however, to provide a fuller picture of the kind of God he really is. Yahweh is a God who is both righteous and gracious. This is important for us to learn, just as it was for Abraham. We cannot pray rightly to God, or rightly intercede in prayer for others, if we do not have a right understanding of who God is.

This Sunday, March 10, we’ll be holding two events: a congregational meeting and a potluck that will include a Refocus 2020 update.

Congregational Meeting at 11:00am: During the Sunday school hour we’ll have a congregational meeting. The primary purpose of this time is to provide an update regarding financial processes and the financial calendar.

Refocus 2020 Potluck and Presentation at 5:30pm: We’ll join together for food and conversation followed by a Refocus 2020 update from Pastor Nick and Pastor Rhett. Please bring a main dish, salad, or dessert.

On Wednesday, March 13, 6:30-7:20pm, we’ll gather for a missional prayer service. There will be a brief time of teaching and singing, followed by guided missional prayer. Our focus will be on seeking the Lord’s guidance  and empowerment to love and serve others, particularly in our community, with the love of Christ.

Be sure to check the church calendar, website, and social media for upcoming women’s ministry events (such as the Dig and Discover workshop, Embracing Hope gatherings, and Spring Women’s Luncheon), men’s ministry events (such as the Saturday morning Bible study), and other ministry team events.

Finally, between now and Easter, you’ll find a brief devotional written by your pastors in the bulletin. Our goal with this once-a-week devotional will be to help us better understand missional prayer, the biblical basis of missional prayer, and how to pray missionally. We hope it will be a blessing to you and your families during these weeks leading up to Easter.

I look forward to this Sunday when we gather to worship our God and fellowship together as his redeemed people!

In Christ,

Pastor Rhett
Pastor Nick