Midweek Update: April 1, 2020

Midweek Update: April 1, 2020

Dear Faith Community Church Family,

Holy week begins this Sunday, April 5. It is during this special week that we focus our attention upon the final days of Jesus’ life: his entrance into Jerusalem as the world’s only true King (Palm Sunday), his crucifixion outside of Jerusalem for the sins of the world (Good Friday), and his resurrection from the dead to reign as Savior and King (Easter Sunday). We need to be reminded that though we are finite, he is King over all! In addition to our Sunday services, we will also have an online Good Friday service. Our Holy Week services will focus on 1 Corinthians 1 and 15, where the Apostle Paul proclaims that Jesus has accomplished our salvation through the “folly” of the cross and has given us a glorious hope through his resurrection from the dead.

 Committing to Thirty Days of Prayer: We are a congregation committed to praying missionally. The starting place of missional prayer is focusing our attention on who God is and what he has done and is doing in our world. Our denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, has created an excellent prayer resource for churches: 30 Days of Prayer for the Church, Nation, and World. For each day there is a brief Scripture reading, guidance for prayer, and a short video. The aim of this prayer guide is to help us lift our eyes to the Lord and to pray that his gospel would continue to go forth and transform lives even during such uncertain times. I will be using this guide each day this month. Will you commit with me to 30 days of prayer focused on the goodness and sovereignty of God?

 Volunteering to sew face masks: Many hospitals, doctors offices, nursing homes, etc. are in great need of personal protective equipment. Our church is helping meet this need. If you have a sewing machine, and would like to learn how to make face masks that will be donated to local organizations in need, please contact Natalie Wierenga ( [email protected]). Natalie will provide you with further information and sewing instructions.

Worship through end of April: As many of you are aware, yesterday Gov. Pritzker extended the stay-at-home-order through the end of this month. In light of this, we will continue to hold an online worship service through the last week of April. In order to protect our congregants and elders from being exposed to the virus, we will not be administering communion this month. Please join me in praying that very soon the Lord would pave the way for us to begin meeting together to worship him as a gathered body.

During this time, it is especially important that we continue to be intentional in connecting with one another (through email, phone calls, cards, video chats, etc.), praying for one another, and setting aside time to follow the worship service on the Lord’s Day. If you have any needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will bless the Lord at all times;
his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
 (Psalm 34:1)


In Him,

Pastor Rhett


Worship May 26 Live at 9:30 am