Midweek Update: October 28

Midweek Update: October 28

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday, we end our series in the letters of John with 3 John. Appropriate to this time of year, 3 John’s emphasis is hospitality. Biblical hospitality is ultimately a matter of putting others first (unlike Diotrephes, mentioned in the letter as “lik[ing] to put himself first.”) As we head to the polls this week and next, let’s make sure that we demonstrate a spirit of Christian hospitality as we interact with others, and especially our neighbors who disagree with us. Remember that no matter what happens, Jesus Christ is on the throne, and nothing can surprise, upset, or even challenge the legitimacy of his rule.

We have the opportunity to take the Lord’s Supper together this Sunday. Please join me in preparing our hearts to receive the Lord’s blessing through his sacrament.

A few announcements for you this week:

Sunday Morning Services at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am

If you have not already done so, please let our our office administrator, Rosa Matos, know which service you plan to attend regularly in the future. You can reach Rosa at [email protected] or by phone (630) 231-8230.

Paternity Leave

My wife, Valerie, is due to deliver a baby in a matter of days! As I am on paternity leave, we have the following guest preachers filling the pulpit: Joe Paglia on November 8, Don Johnson on November 15, and on November 22, Ted Powers will come and deliver a special presentation on an exciting ministry opportunity with Chicago Friends of Haiti beginning this Advent season.

Hope and Healing in the Coming of Christ: An Advent Series in Isaiah

Advent begins November 29. I’m excited to dive into the book of Isaiah with you as we see how the Old Testament looks forward to the redemption we have in Jesus Christ. We know that Advent and Christmas will look a bit different this year in light of the Coronavirus mitigation measures. Once we have settled on the details of our Christmas Eve service, we will provide them to you as soon as possible.

Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit Class Meets this Sunday, 4 pm

This Sunday, we invite those of you who are a part of our Fruit of the Spirit class to return to the church at 4 pm to discuss chapter 3 (Peace). We will be meeting in the Worship Center and will conclude by 5:00pm.

No Congregational Meeting this November

Please note that there will be no congregational meeting this November due primarily to building capacity limitations. We intend to host our next congregational meeting in January.

Time Change

Don’t forget to turn your clocks this Saturday, October 31, before you go to bed (-1 hour).

Prayer Requests

Katie Wetherington’s Family (the Muzzys): At 6:40 am on October 26, Katie Wetherington’s grandmother, Ruth Muzzy, went to be with the Lord. She was 97 years, 7 months, and 21 days old. Her last words were, “If anything happens, I have the Lord in my heart and I know where I’m going.” She was in good spirits and passed away peacefully. Please pray for the family as they make funeral arrangements and hope to gather together to honor Ruth’s life.

Jean Noorlag: As many of you know, those in nursing homes are among the most affected both by COVID-19 and by mitigation measures. Please pray that Jean would be healthy and encouraged in the midst of the limits imposed by the facility in which she lives.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has written notes and sent me cards during this October. I am honored to serve you as your pastor and grateful to worship alongside such a loving community of believers. 

In Him,

Pastor Rhett