Midweek Update: March 24

Midweek Update: March 24

Dear Faith Community Church Family,

Our recent Called to Community sermon series answered the question, “Who are we as Faith Community Church?” Our church’s identity statement spells this out: We are a people called out by the gospel and called into community with the triune God, who share a common King, a common authority, a common Spirit, a common life, and a common mission. 

The first of these is that we share a common King. In our passage for Palm Sunday, Luke 19:28-40, we see very clearly that our common King is actually very uncommon. He is unlike any other King. He is Lord of all, yet he is humble and merciful. He is a King that enters Jerusalem not on a war horse, but on an unbroken colt. He redefines power by riding a beast of burden into the city, knowing that in just a few days he would be giving his life for the sins of the world by being lifted up on a cross.

Click here to access this Sunday’s livestream services.

Holy Week Services: Good Friday (April 2, 6:30pm) and Easter Sunday (April 4, 9:30am)

Next Friday (April 2) we will hold our Good Friday service at 6:30pm. On Easter Sunday (April 4) we will begin holding one worship service at 9:30am. When you arrive this Sunday (Palm Sunday), you will notice a modified seating arrangement in the Worship Center. This is to allow for a “test run” before we increase our capacity the following Sunday to 50 people. On Easter, we are looking for a few families who are willing to sit in the overflow seating area in order to ensure that we can show hospitality to our guests by allowing them to sit in the Worship Center. If you are willing to do this, please contact Rosa Matos in the church office.

Following our Easter service, we will hold an outdoor fellowship time (weather permitting). If you would like to participate in bringing food or treats, please contact Larry LaBelle.

Flowers for Easter Service

Help us decorate our church by ordering flowers for Easter! Funds will be used to purchase potted blooms which participants can bring home following the worship service. We recommend $15.00 for potted blooming tulips or daffodils, $18.00 for hydrangeas, and $25.00 for 1-stem lilies, $35 for 2-stem lilies, and $45 for 3-stem lilies. You can participate by writing a check payable to Faith Community Church, bring cash, or pay online. Simply write a note with “Easter flowers-[type of flower]” in the memo field, or call/email the church office indicating your desire to participate. Please submit your order by Monday, March 29.

Church Directory Update

Thanks to everyone who has updated their contact information for the church directory. If you haven’t yet done so, we’re asking that you submit your updated information and send us a photo by the end of next week. There are two ways to do so:

  1. Fill out the online form, the link for which is in your Midweek Update email.
  2. Fill out the paper form available in the narthex and place in the designated box.

Please email photographs to Rosa. Bryan Van Zanten has volunteered to take photographs for anyone who would like to have one taken for the directory, and will be available immediately following the Easter Sunday service to do so.  

Prayer Requests

Steve Roberts: We thank God that Steve is now home from the hospital after being treated for an infection in his back.

Josiah Wierenga: Josiah underwent a successful surgery on his toe on Monday. He will be returning to the doctor next week for a check-up.

Wetherington Family: Nick had a safe trip to Denver and a good piano audition at Colorado Christian University; Carissa arrived safely in Michigan and has had an excellent start to her 8 week internship at P&G Farms.

In Him,

Pastor Rhett


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