Midweek Update June 2, 2021

Midweek Update June 2, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Over these last weeks we have seen that the early followers of Jesus were frequently bombarded by challenges and temptations as they sought to live obediently as God’s redeemed people. These threats came from the outside, as they were opposed by the powerful religious elites in Jerusalem. They also, however, came from the inside, as Ananias and Sapphira tried to appear generous before the church while covering up their greed with a lie. This week, in Acts 6:1-7, we see yet another threat arise, related to caring for Greek-speaking widows in the church. It was perhaps the greatest danger the church had faced thus far: the threat of disunity. However, when the Apostles and the Christian community addressed the issue wisely and lovingly, not only was the problem resolved, but the result was even greater growth among God’s people as the Word of God continued to bear fruit and many more people became disciples of Jesus Christ.

Click here for the livestream of this Sunday’s worship service (9:30am).

Field Trip at Fabyan Forest Preserve (Wednesday, June 9, 11:30 am)

The Wednesday morning women’s bible study and the book club are hosting a gathering at the Fabyan Forest Preserve (1925 S Batavia Ave, Geneva, IL 60134) next Wednesday. All are welcome. If you need transportation, please contact Amy-Jo Wierenga or Diane Walker.

Congregational Meeting (Sunday, June 13 Following Worship Service)

Mark your calendar for our June congregational meeting on June 13 to pray together and to review the budget for the 2022 fiscal year. The meeting will take place in the Mission Center following the worship service.

Prayer Requests

Karla Van Der Molen Please continue to pray for Karla and Gary in light of Karla’s recent ALS diagnosis. Please pray for God’s healing as she begins treatment in the coming weeks.

Lou Carter: Please pray for our Lou who has been diagnosed with cancer in her lungs and liver. She will be undergoing radiation treatment for eleven weeks. Pray that our Lord would uphold and strengthen Lou and bring healing to our sister.

In Christ,


Pastor Rhett