Midweek Update: July 21

Midweek Update: July 21

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One of Luke’s purposes in the book of Acts is to demonstrate how the works that Jesus did in his earthly ministry continue even after his ascension into heaven. This Sunday’s sermon text, Acts 9:32-43, details two remarkable miracles; one of healing and the other of restoring life. Though Peter is present at both events, Luke emphasizes that it is Jesus and not Peter who is the real power behind these miracles, with the result that many come to follow Christ. Make no mistake about who the main character of Acts is; it is Jesus who is on the move.

The link for Sunday’s service is available here.

Haiti Prayer and Donations 

There is still time to participate in the Haiti prayer initiative even if you didn’t have a chance to sign up for a time slot at church. I invite you to choose an hour this week or next to dedicate to prayer for Haiti. As we have mentioned in previous emails and at church, our Presbytery-wide mission to Haiti has been postponed in light of the recent unrest and violence in the country.

Our congregation gave generously to the July Haiti trip through financial gifts and donated items. Please know that these donated funds and items will be used for their original purpose. Under normal conditions, two Chicago Friends of Haiti trips are taken each year (in February and July). The funds will be applied toward supporting FCC mission team members as soon as conditions in Haiti allow for a trip to be scheduled. If you have any questions about your financial gift or donated items, don’t hesitate to contact me or an elder.

Welcoming Baby Lorimer  

We are excited to support and celebrate with the Lorimer family as they prepare to transition to a party of four at the end of this month. Please join us in welcoming baby Lorimer through sending diapers and wipes to their home. Be on the lookout for another opportunity to serve the Lorimers through taking their family meals once the baby arrives.

Prayer Requests

Marilynn Wright (Dave Wright’s mom): Please pray for healing for Marilynn as she was taken to the hospital last week for a heart murmur and very low hemoglobin level.

Family of Lucille Bushaw (Mark Wissing’s mother-in-law): Please pray that our Lord would encourage and comfort Mark and Vivian Wissing and their family after the loss of Vivian’s mother, Lucille, last week.

Shirley Woomer (Amy-Jo Wierenga): Please continue to pray for Shirley’s recovery from knee surgery last week.

Lou Carter: Pray for healing and respite from cancer.

Karla Van Der Molen: Pray for Karla and Gary as they address the various decisions and preparations needed to navigate her ALS diagnosis.

In Him,

Pastor Rhett


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