Midweek Update: August 5, 2021

Midweek Update: August 5, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

In the letter of 1 Peter, the Apostle says this about spiritual gifts: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Peter 4:10). Let’s take a closer look at what Peter is saying in this verse. First, each person has received a spiritual gift from God and it is given to them freely (otherwise it would not be a gift!). Second, these gifts are “varied.” God gives different gifts to different people. Third, God gives the spiritual gift with the intention that it be used to “serve one another,” and not to glorify oneself (that is, not for financial gain or status). Finally, we are to be “good stewards” of the gift we have been given. In other words, we are to actually put them to use.

One opportunity we have to use our gifts is through serving in our church. In fact, it is through serving that God frequently helps us identify and develop the gifts he has given us.

As we prepare for the upcoming ministry year, I want to make you aware of opportunities for service in our church.

Fellowship Time (Set-Up and Take Down): We need 4-6 more adult or youth volunteers to join the rotation for set-up and take-down for Sunday morning fellowship time following the service. This includes preparing the refreshments and coffee and cleaning up in the Mission Center following fellowship time.

Nursery: We hope to offer nursery care during the worship service beginning Sunday, September 12. We are looking for 8-10 adult female volunteers willing to serve once a month (or sometimes less), with a commitment of one year of serving in the nursery. Requirements include a brief training and a background check, and a willingness to supervise young children (up to four years old) during the service. Volunteers arrive by 9:15am and stay until parent pick-up, usually immediately following the service. Youth are also invited to serve in the nursery with a minimum of two adult volunteers present.

Children’s Sunday School: We are looking for one adult volunteer to join Valerie Austin as an aid in the early elementary Sunday school class. Requirements include a background check but no training or preparation (besides a joyful heart in worshiping and learning with kids). We also have a need for two upper elementary volunteers who will be “on call” to teach on the Sundays when upper elementary students are present.

Greeters: Our greeters arrive by 9:00am on Sunday mornings, ready to welcome our members and guests before the worship service. We need three greeters each Sunday morning (two in the narthex and one in the Mission Center lobby), and are looking for 12 adults or youth willing to serve in this role once a month.

 Audio/Visual: We are looking for one more volunteer willing to be trained to serve on the soundboard and computer during Sunday morning worship once a month.

Three Ways to Sign Up

  1. Contact the point person to let them know you would like to serve:

Fellowship Time: Larry LaBelle

Nursery: Valerie Austin

Children’s Sunday School: Tim Wierenga

Greeters: Rosa Matos

Soundboard/Computer: Rosa Matos

  1. Call or Email Rosa Matos in the church office ([email protected];630-231-8230)
  2. During the month of August, fill out the volunteer sign-up sheet on the table in the narthex outside the Worship Center.

Don Johnson Preaching August 8 and 15

The Austins will be out of town August 8-17 for a family trip to New Mexico. Don Johnson will be sharing God’s Word this Sunday, August 8th and the following Sunday, August 15th in a two-part series from the prophet Malachi and the Gospel of John, entitled “Be Still.” If there is a pastoral emergency during this time, please do not hesitate to contact Larry LaBelle or Don Johnson.

Click here to access the livestream worship service for this Sunday (9:30am).

Welcoming Baby Lorimer: Take Them a Meal

Olivia Lorimer is scheduled for an induction tomorrow, August 5. We would like to start providing meals for the Lorimers roughly every other day beginning August 7. Sign up at the link provided in your email to help feed two adults and one child, or text or call Valerie Austin to sign up. Kindly avoid planning dairy-heavy meals for the Lorimers as they have a likelihood of dairy sensitivity with the baby.

Membership Class: Saturday, August 21 (9:00am-3:00pm)

On Saturday, August 21 (9:00am-3:00pm), we will hold a membership class for those who would like to take the important step of church membership at FCC. The class is also for those who are simply wanting to find out more about our church, our denomination, and what membership entails. Lunch will be provided. If you are interested in attending the class, please contact Rosa Matos in our church office (630-231-8230; [email protected]).

Painting Project: Saturday, August 28 (8:00am-Noon)

On Saturday, August 28, Mark Wissing and Phyl Holt, our Property Team leaders, will oversee a painting project at the church. The aim is to paint the wainscoting in the Mission Center in addition to areas of the building where touch up is needed as we prepare for the upcoming ministry year. Painting tools will be provided.

Prayer Requests

Lorimer family: Please pray for the safe delivery of baby Lorimer. Olivia is scheduled for an induction tomorrow, August 5.

Lou Carter: Continue to pray for healing and respite from cancer.

Karla Van Der Molen: Pray for continued strength in light of Karla’s ALS diagnosis.

Living Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA): Please pray for Pastor Brad Beier and the congregation of our sister church Living Hope located in the South Side of Chicago. On Tuesday, the building caught fire and was substantially damaged. One member of the congregation was taken to the hospital after sustaining burns, but is in stable condition.

Finally, for those interested in reading about the decisions and actions of the 48th General Assembly which I attended last month in St. Louis, a summary document has been written by the Stated Clerk, Bryan Chapell. Click here to access the document.

In Christ,

Pastor Rhett