Midweek Update: August 18 2021

Midweek Update: August 18 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Austins had a wonderful and safe trip to New Mexico. We enjoyed our time in the mountains (and deserts) of the Southwest, and even got to go kayaking on the Rio Grande. I’m thankful for Don Johnson’s faithful preaching of the Word these past two Sundays in my absence.

This Lord’s Day we will continue the sermon series in the book of Acts, where Peter shares with the Jerusalem church the surprising, yet powerful work of grace that God is doing among the Gentiles by making them full members of his family. The text for this Sunday is Acts 11:1-18.

Here is the link to the livestream service (9:30am).

As many of you have heard, Haiti experienced a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake on Saturday, August 14. The area near Cavaillon was at the epicenter and approximately 2000 Haitians lost their lives.

In an email sent out this week from Chicago Friends of Haiti, Ted Powers said this:

Damage has been extensive, and many have lost their lives or been injured. The children at Cavaillon are safe but the facilities have sustained significant damage. Elsewhere, schools and churches of ESMI (El Shaddai Ministries International), and the homes of many we know, have collapsed or been severely damaged.

Once again, Chicago Friends of Haiti, in partnership with ESMI is responding to help in every way we can. We are seeking to raise at least $48,000 which will provide an entire shipping container filled with food, tents and supplies. We are also hoping to raise funds necessary for repairing and rebuilding structures that have been demolished or damaged such as at Cavaillon. We have learned that one of the great benefits of partnering with an indigenous organization like ESMI is that all our funds go immediately and directly to the places of need. ESMI has demonstrated not only an incredible heart of compassion but tremendous efficiency in getting help to those who are most in need. Please help us care for our brothers and sisters in Haiti in this tangible way.

Our church will be joining other churches in our presbytery to help raise the funds to provide the shipping container of food and materials to ESMI.

If you would like to give to this effort, you can do so directly by making an online payment or by sending a check to Chicago Friends of Haiti (1440 W. Taylor Street #129 Chicago, IL 60607). Please make checks payable to Chicago Friends of Haiti.

You may also write a check to our church or give through our website and indicate that the funds are for the Haiti relief effort.

In the days ahead, let’s continue to be faithful in praying for the pastors, churches, and orphanages of ESMI who are experiencing such deep suffering and heartache due to Saturday’s earthquake.

Painting Project on Saturday, August 28 (8:00am-Noon)

On Saturday, August 28, Mark Wissing and Phyl Holt, our Property Team leaders, will oversee a painting project. We will paint the wainscoting in the Mission Center and touch up areas in several of the classrooms. Painting tools will be provided.

Prayer Requests

Lorimer family: We praise God for the safe delivery of Madeline Audrey Lorimer.

Lou Carter: Lou was admitted to the hospital last week due to pain in her knee; please pray that the Lord would strengthen her as she undergoes physical therapy in a rehab facility.

Karla Van Der Molen: Pray for endurance and encouragement in light of Karla’s ALS diagnosis.

Nick Rose (Grandson of Kathy Reynolds): Please pray for Nick’s recovery from a significant back injury which occurred as a result of a work-related incident.

In Christ,

Pastor Rhett


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