Midweek Update: February 2, 2022

Midweek Update: February 2, 2022

Dear Faith Community Church Family,

One of the great privileges we have as children of our heavenly Father is access to him through prayer. As his children he invites us to come into his presence to seek his face and to bring our needs before him. In John 4:24, Jesus says, God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” If we are to worship in a way that is pleasing to God, we should come in full dependence on the Lord to move through his Word and Spirit.

This Sunday we will begin meeting for prayer before the worship service (9:00-9:20am; room 3/4). During this time, we’ll read the sermon text and pray together that the Lord would be magnified and bring the fruit of transformation in our lives through our worship. Come and join us this Sunday at 9:00am!

Additionally, on Sunday we’ll have a guest preacher, Rev. Doug O’Donnell, who will God’s Word with us from Mark 7:24-37. Doug is a member of the Chicago Metro Presbytery and serves as the Senior Vice President of Bible Publishing at Crossway Books in Wheaton.

Please take time before Sunday’s worship service to prepare your heart for communion through prayer and confession.

Here is the link to the livestream of Sunday’s service (9:30am).

Embracing Hope, February 12 (9:30 am)

The next Embracing Hope gathering for women will take place on February 12 at 9:30 am at Amy Paglia’s home. Diane Walker will share her story of hope. Embracing Hope is an opportunity for FCC women to gather in one another’s homes and to invite friends and neighbors to enjoy delicious food and hospitality.

Prayer Requests

Abby Huggins: Please pray for strength and a complete recovery for Abby who tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday.

Bryan Van Zanten: Continue to pray for Bryan Van Zanten as he undergoes treatment for Lymphoma.

Karla Van Der Molen: Please continue to pray for strength and encouragement for Karla.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rhett


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