Posts from June 2022

Posts from June 2022

Midweek Update: June 15, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters, One important truth we learn in Acts 27 is that God’s protection of us does not always mean “smooth sailing” for us. This chapter tells the story of Paul’s wild, months-long voyage across the Mediterranean Sea to be tried by Caesar in Rome. It is a voyage that includes hurricane force winds, which leads eventually to the crew being shipwrecked…

June 8, 2022 Midweek Update

Dear Faith Community Church Family, As Christians we believe that because the Bible is God’s Word, it is our ultimate standard of truth and completely trustworthy to guide us and to give us solutions to life’s problems. Christians, however, can easily go wrong when we go to the Bible for solutions to our problems without ever allowing the Bible to define what the problem…

June 1 2022 Midweek Update

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Sunday we have the opportunity to welcome Rev. Scott Polender to our pulpit. Scott is a friend and a faithful servant of Christ. For the last several years Scott has served as the Director of Communications and Outreach with Caring Network, a long-time ministry partner of our church. On Sunday, Scott will share the Word of God from Micah…

Worship June 16 Live at 9:30 am