Midweek Update: August 3, 2022

Midweek Update: August 3, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday we begin The Acts of History sermon series. In this series we follow the powerful working of God from the beginning of creation to the consummation of the New Heavens and the New Earth. If we want to live faithfully and wisely in our times, we must understand our place within the great story of God’s acts in history. We get to that understanding by asking ourselves, “What has God done in the past and what has he promised to do in the future?” As 21st century believers, we live “in between the times”–between the time when Christ established his Kingdom during his earthly ministry and the time when he will come once again and establish the Kingdom in its fullness. I’m excited to dig into the Word of God with you this Sunday as we begin The Acts of History. In preparation for Sunday’s sermon, I encourage you to read Genesis 1-2.

I will also share with you a report on the Haiti trip during our worship service this Sunday.

Finally, please take time to prepare your heart for the Lord’s Supper by setting aside time for prayer and confession prior to this Sunday’s service.

Click here to access the livestream of this Sunday’s worship service (9:30am).

Men’s Bible Study Will Resume this Saturday

The men’s Saturday morning Bible study will resume this Saturday at Larry LaBelle’s home (8:00am).

Embracing Hope Gathering Tuesday, August 9

On Tuesday, August 9 from 5:00-7:00pm, there will be an Embracing Hope gathering at Amy-Jo Wierenga’s home. The theme will be “Not a Mirage,” where we will discuss how we have seen God at work over the summer.  Please bring a side dish.  All ladies are invited. Please RSVP to Amy-Jo.

Prayer Requests

Sharon Vaughn: Pray for Sharon as she awaits back surgery on August 25.

Karla and Gary Van Der Molen: Please pray for our sister Karla and her husband Gary as she manages her ALS.

Larry LaBelle: Pray for healing for Larry LaBelle who will be having an injection this Monday to address pain in his leg.

Sister of Judy Van Zanten: Please pray for continued healing for Pat, Judy Van Zanten’s sister, who recently had a procedure to remove a tumor on her spine. She will soon begin radiation treatments.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rhett