Midweek Update: August 10, 2022

Midweek Update: August 10, 2022

Dear Faith Community Church Family,

On Sunday we began our new series The Acts of Creation. As I mentioned during our worship service, we spent 46 sermons on the Book of Acts drinking in the beautiful work of the Word and Spirit in the early church. We beheld the reign of Christ in action over his people in this follow-up to Luke’s Gospel. Now, in The Acts of Creation we are taking a big step back and seeing how the story of the early church (and Faith Community Church!) fits into God’s grand design for history. Last Sunday we began with the creation of the kingdom.

This Sunday, we turn our attention to Genesis 3, where we read of the “corruption of the kingdom.” When our covenant head, Adam, succumbed to the temptation of the serpent, sin infiltrated every aspect of creation, including our relationship with our covenant God. However, as we will see this week, God refuses to abandon his covenant. He will send a new covenant representative, and this time it will be his perfect Son, Jesus Christ. In preparation for Sunday’s sermon, I encourage you to read Genesis 3.

Click here to access the livestream of Sunday’s worship service (9:30am).

Opportunity to Support Chicago Friends of Haiti

If you would like to sponsor a child at Cavaillon with Chicago Friends of Haiti, the cost is $120.00/month to cover all the child’s needs; or you can co-sponsor a child by paying $30, $60, or $90/month. For more information, pick up the informational pamphlet available in the narthex or contact Madeleine Cooper, who oversees the Haiti Orphan Project (madeleine[at]trinityhinsdale.com).

Prayer Requests

Sharon Vaughn: Pray for Sharon as she awaits back surgery on August 25.

Karla and Gary Van Der Molen: Please pray for our sister Karla and her husband Gary as she manages her ALS.

Sister of Judy Van Zanten: Please pray for continued healing for Pat, Judy Van Zanten’s sister, who recently had a procedure to remove a benign tumor on her spine.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rhett