Posts from October 2022

Posts from October 2022

Midweek Update: October 26

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This past Sunday our Kingdom Prayer small groups launched. If you were not able to participate this month, it’s never too late to join! It was a delight to fellowship together and enjoy each other’s company in homes. I am especially excited to see how God will move through our prayer groups to transform us as individuals and as a church, and to…

October 19 Midweek Update

Dear Faith Community Church Family, Over the past two weeks we’ve looked at the second and third petitions of the Lord’s Prayer: “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I hope you have been reminded (as I have) of how great a gift prayer truly is–we have the privilege of going to our heavenly Father for our every need! This Sunday, from…

Midweek Update: October 5, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The second petition of the Lord’s Prayer is: “Your kingdom come.” The Lord’s Prayer is a kingdom prayer. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we are praying a God-sized prayer; we are asking for something that only he can do. We are praying that the Lord would use us–his people–to advance his kingdom through spreading the good news of salvation to our…

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