Midweek Update: April 17

Midweek Update: April 17

Dear Faith Community Family,

When I was in elementary school I always looked forward to the day when I got to do “real” science experiments in class. Finally in high school we had the opportunity to use a Bunsen burner and “high school level appropriate” chemicals to carry out experiments. Of course, the aim of most senior high experiments is to observe and record how various substances react with the addition of a particular chemical. Sometimes there is smoke, or color changes, or sparks.

When Jesus’ public ministry begins to gain velocity–when he goes about preaching, teaching, healing, and casting out evil spirits–we see a range of reactions. Jesus and his message is either rejected (as we see with the Pharisees and Herodians), or misunderstood (as we often see with the crowds), or accepted (as we see with the Apostles). No one is able to remain neutral.

This Sunday we turn our attention to Mark 3:7-19. In this passage Jesus is bringing change in all areas of society, and he calls twelve men to himself to follow him and to continue his work of preaching and ministry. We, like the Apostles, are called to follow Jesus no matter the cost.

Click here to access the livestream of Sunday’s worship service (9:30am).

This Saturday: Embracing Hope Gathering (9:30am)

All ladies are invited to the Embracing Hope Gathering this Saturday, April 20 at 9:30am at FCC. We will have breakfast, make our own stationery, and have a discussion on the power of words. Please RSVP to the church office.

Prayer Drive: Saturday, April 27 (10:00am-11:30am)

Join us for our second official FCC Prayer Drive! Following a charted route beginning at our church building, we’ll caravan to various locations in and around our community, pausing to pray together in our cars for God’s transformative work in our neighborhoods and community. We’ll meet at the church at 10:00am and will return by 11:30am.

Cello & Harp Concert: Saturday, April 27 (6:30pm)

The next chamber music concert, “A Thousand Blended Notes” will take place on SaturdayApril 27 at 6:30pm in the Worship Center. It will feature Jake Muzzy and “The Quartet Club 2.” To reserve seats go to realconcerts.us or contact Jake Muzzy. You may make a donation online or at the event.

Chicago Friends of Haiti Celebration Dinner: Sunday, April 28 (5:00pm-7:30pm)

Our ministry partner, Chicago Friends of Haiti, will host a celebration dinner at Kizin Creole Restaurant in Chicago on Sunday, April 28. Pastor Dony St. Germain, the president of El Shaddai Ministries International, will share updates on the Haitian church and the ways God is at work in Haiti. Our church has a limited number of seats reserved for the dinner. If you would like to attend, please email or call the church office. Deadline to reserve your seat is this Friday, April 19.

Spring Cleanup Day: Saturday, May 4 (9:00am-Noon)

We have rescheduled the Spring Cleanup Day for Saturday, May 4 (9:00am-noon). Join us for our annual spring cleaning, both in the building and around our grounds. As always, donuts will be available courtesy of Mark Wissing.

Prayer Requests

Karla Van Der Molen: Please continue to pray for strength for both Gary and Karla as they attend to Karla’s ALS.

Mike Horyn: Pray for a successful surgery for Mike as he undergoes a procedure to straighten his finger.

In Him,

Pastor Rhett


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