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Find Out More

Faith Community Church gathers together to worship on Sunday mornings at 8:30 am and 9:45am (in-person and livestream) at 910 Main St., West Chicago, IL 60185.

Here’s what you can expect on a Sunday.

When you walk in the east entrance, you’ll be greeted by a member of our community, who can help direct you to your seat in the Worship Center. There is no dress code for our worship service. We invite anyone to stop by our church on Sunday morning and participate as much or as little as they are comfortable doing.

The Worship Service

Our worship service takes place in the Worship Center, which is directly to the right when you walk in the east entrance of the building. The service opens with a call to worship, issued from Scripture. We then sing one or two songs of worship, confess our sins to God, rejoice in the assurance of forgiveness, and glorify God for his grace shown to us (the Gloria Patri). At this point, we sit under the ministry of the Word, which consists in the reading of Scripture and the preaching of a sermon. After the sermon, we sing a song of response followed by a time of congregational prayer called the prayers of the people. We also offer to God our tithes and offerings, which is a way for members of our community to financially support the mission of the church and express their faith and trust in God. We do not expect guests and visitors to participate in giving offerings to the church. The offering is a means of worship and praise, and it is usually accompanied by singing. Our service concludes with our whole congregation standing in a circle. We hold hands and pray the Lord’s Prayer, receive the blessing (the benediction), and are dismissed. In general, the entire worship service lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes (or less).

After the Service

After our service concludes, most of the members of our community gather together in the Mission Center (down the hall from the Worship Center) for refreshments. This is an informal time to talk and meet one another. At 11 o’clock during the school year, we offer Children, Youth, and Adult Education Classes. These classes are open to everyone.

Going Deeper

As people regularly attend our church and become active members, they often like to go deeper in to the life of our community by participating in service and discipleship. If you are interested in finding out more about where you might belong at Faith, we are eager to help you discern your gifts and to make you feel welcome.


Worship May 26 Live at 9:30 am