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News and Resources (Page 10)

The Why of Missional Prayer

By Nick Perrin Last week, Pastor Rhett wrote about the ‘What?’ of Missional Prayer. Today I want to write about the ‘Why?’ Why should we pray missionally? Well, very simply, because if we are supposed to follow Jesus and be like him, we must learn to pray missionally. Consider this passage from John 17:20-21  “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who…

What is Missional Prayer?

From: Rhett Austin There is a baking competition my family enjoys watching in which contestants compete for the top amateur baker in the UK by producing everything from bagels to elegant French pastries. As a part of the competition, the bakers are given a surprise challenge. This usually involves them being handed a list of ingredients and a highly pared-down recipe.…

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