Evangelism Cohort

Evangelism Cohort


Evangelism Cohort 2024

Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.

Mark 1:17

Do you desire to grow in your passion for sharing the message of the gospel? Do you want to pursue discipleship in evangelism and to do so with others who have the same aim? Our church is launching an evangelism cohort to help us grow together in learning how to share the love of Jesus and the message of salvation with others.

The cohort will meet for a series of three units (spring, summer, and fall of 2024). Each unit will be 4-6 weeks. Our meetings will consist of prayer, study, and accountability, in addition to planning church outreach events and practicing evangelism.

The cohort members commit to the following:

  1. Prayer: Recognizing the Spirit moves where He wishes (John 3:8), we commit to pray for one another, our neighbors, communities, and our church.
  2. Discipleship: Through reading and discussing Christian literature and studying the Bible, we commit to grow in our passion for and competency in sharing the gospel.
  3. Evangelism: We commit to purposefully pursue evangelistic opportunities, encourage one another in this endeavor, and hold each other accountable in our goals to share our faith with others.
  4. Planning and Oversight of Outreach Opportunities: We commit to work together to organize and oversee churchwide opportunities for evangelism and connection within our communit  

Schedule For Spring Unit:

The Evangelism Cohort will begin on Sunday, April 14 at 11:00am (room 3/4).

Here is the schedule for the spring cohort gatherings:

11:00am: Before You Share Your Faith Book Discussion

12:00pm-1:30pm: Cohort Lunch: Prayer, Planning, and Practice

(Cohort members will have the opportunity to sign up to bring a dish for a cohort lunch.)

Each week we will meet for the Before You Share Your Faith book discussion from 11:00am to noon. The book discussion, during the normal Sunday school hour, is open to all, even if not participating in the cohort. From noon to 1:30pm, the cohort will have lunch and focus on the three areas of prayer, planning, and practice.

The Book

The book for the spring unit is Before You Share Your Faith by Matt Smethurst. Copies are $4.00. We will discuss chapter 1 on Sunday, April 21.


April 14: The Call: Becoming Fishers of Men

April 21: Grasp the Gospel (Chapter 1)

April 28: Check Your Context (Chapter 2)

May 5: Love the Lost (Chapter 3)

May 12: Face Your Fear (Chapter 4) (Mother’s Day; Only meet during Sunday school hour, 11:00am-noon)

May 19: Start to Speak (Chapter 5)

May 26: No meeting during Sunday school hour or cohort lunch (Memorial Day weekend)

June 2: Bringing It All Together (“Conclusion”)

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Evangelism Cohort

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