We believe that local church membership is one of the primary means God uses to foster spiritual maturity among his people. Membership entails a commitment to the relationships and responsibilities of the local church. At Faith Community Church, our members have the following privileges, (among others!):

  • Voting: In our congregation, members exercise their right to vote for various decisions each year. They vote on officers and may aspire to be officers (deacons and elders). Members are empowered to use their voices to express hopes and concerns for our congregation.
  • Accountability: Church membership provides the context for consent in accountability; we are accountable to each other and our elected officers, and they are accountable to us. Beyond this, our elders are accountable to the greater regional denominational body, known as the Chicago Metro Presbytery. Jesus talks about the role of accountability in Matthew 18, and how to proceed with confrontation, peacemaking, and transformation when a member of the body chooses to forego obedience to Christ through sin. Accountability is a gift to all–it means when can trust one another and lovingly speak truth to one another when necessary.
  • Priority in Financial Aid and Pastoral Care & Counsel: Church members are the first to benefit from the congregational care our church provides, including our benevolence fund, which exists to meet the urgent (& often unexpected) financial needs that may come up in life. Members also have the advantage of pastoral care & counsel. From simple phone calls to more consistent one-on-one meetings, our pastor and elders aim to provide care for the spiritual, mental, and emotional needs of our community.
  • Participation and Service: Life at Faith Community Church is highly participatory. Our prayer is that if you find yourself connecting with us as a member, you would not only join us regularly for corporate worship on Sundays, and perhaps take advantage of our bible studies or adult education classes, but that you would also engage your spiritual gifts in some level of service. Whether serving as a greeter, singing or playing with our musicians, caring for children in the nursery, teaching Sunday school, or helping in the kitchen, almost all of our members contribute to the shape of our community life to a significant degree through service and participation.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are the steps to membership for Faith Community Church, PCA:

  1. Sign up to take our inquirers’ class. 
  2. Attend the class to learn about the gospel, the distinctive characteristics of FCC, the reformed tradition, and the Presbyterian Church in America (our denomination). You’ll also have the opportunity to understand the sacraments (baptism & the Lord’s Supper) & our membership vows. You’ll learn more about your own spiritual gifts, and discover ways you can become more significantly connected to FCC and our local community.
  3. Meet with our elders (aka, our leadership team) to share your testimony and any needs you or your family may have.
  4. If you haven’t already, receive the sacrament of baptism! We can schedule baptisms the same day as membership Sunday.
  5. Take your membership vows on a special celebratory Sunday before the congregation, and receive the “right hand of fellowship” by joining us for a reception following the service. We look forward to walking with you on your journey toward Christlikeness!

Ready to take the first step? Sign up here!

Membership Inquiry

Are you interested in joining our next membership class? We'd love to have you join us. Indicate your interest here! Please note: Attending the class does NOT obligate you to become a member of the church. Many of our current and more long-term members like to attend simply to get a refresher on the distinct characteristics of our church. This class provides the opportunity for you to ask questions, get answers, and discern whether God is calling you to make FCC your church home.

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