Ministry to Men

Ministry to Men

The overall vision for the Men’s ministry at Faith is to intentionally engage with one another as we seek to understand and live out the call Jesus places on our lives to follow Him.

We desire to be actively involved in each other’s lives, as well as the community around us, through bible studies, service projects, athletic activities, and our monthly men’s gathering.

We encourage you to get involved and share the gifts that God has given you with other men here at Faith. The easiest way to get plugged in is to email the church office and let them know you want to be on the email list for men’s events. While signing up for the men’s emails might be your first step, you can get involved simply by showing up to an event you see in the bulletin or heard about by word of mouth. Check out some of our regularly scheduled men’s ministry events.

Men’s Bible Study

Saturdays │8:00 am, Room 1

Led by Larry LaBelle

Our next study begins Saturday September 29, 2018 at 8 am in Room One at the church.  We will be studying a book called Got Your Back: HELPING CHRISTIAN MEN FORGE THE BROTHERHOOD CONNECTIONS THEY NEED by Dr. Gary Yagel

From the book’s introduction:

Today’s church is experiencing an epidemic of male isolation.  Research revels that nineteen out of twenty Christian men have no best friend, no one helping them fight their spiritual battles, much less a brother who has their back.

Yet there are many signs that God’s Spirit is at work, bringing the age of John Wayne Christianity to a close.  Here are just three.

The rising generation of Christian men sees more clearly the importance of living out their faith in community. For some, the brokenness of their family of origin motivates them to seek connection in the family of God.  Others realize that since sin has fractured the relationships of this world, the church is called to be the place where Christ’s power to restore relationships is demonstrated.  They are committed to building community, so that the church is seen to be a place where Jesus is reweaving the well being (shalom) of his kingdom.

Twenty-first century Christian men are not particularly enamored with material success. Not only do they want to be engaged in a mission that matters, they also realize that their deepest struggles—with God, with themselves, with sexuality, with relationships—are spiritual in nature.

Today’s rising generation of Christian men realizes that discipleship isn’t a program; it’s a relationship. They’re not so much interested in a mentor or program that provides “The Ten Steps to Discipleship” as they are a brother (maybe an older one) who walks with them through life’s challenges as a Christ-follower.  They want a brother saying to them, “Got your back.”

In short, the conviction is growing among contemporary Christian men that God never intended for them to fight their spiritual battles alone.  Way to conscious of the battles they are losing, today’s men are wondering where to find a few close friends who will have their back.  But finding them may be the wrong verb.  They may need to forge them.  This book is written to help men forge the kind of brotherhood connections they sense that they are missing, and know that they need.

Please consider joining us for this important and timely study.  Feel free to Larry LaBelle or Dennis Dobbs for more information.