Undergrad & Grad Students

Undergrad & Grad Students


To engage undergraduate and graduate students in the family of Christ and the mission of the gospel, through exceptional community, intentional discipleship, sincere worship, and service.


  • Service. We are strategically located near a large refugee population in the mostly  immigrant community of West Chicago. We aim to steward our resources well as we answer Christ’s call to love the poor and the immigrant among us.
  • Biblical faithfulness. We strive to submit to Scripture in every area of life, and we cherish our Reformed heritage’s commitment to sola scriptura.
  • Charitable frankness. We welcome honest questions and the expression of doubt. We want to be a place where students can anticipate the challenges and questions that will come their way during higher education and on throughout adulthood. Our goal is to move from doubt to greater confidence as we seek understanding while holding on to faith.
  • Worship. We believe that service and enthusiasm for the life of Christ is unsustainable without worship. Even as we struggle with doubt, we seek to reverently worship the God who makes himself known in the face of Jesus Christ.
  • Friendship. We know that relationships of trust take time. We seek to cultivate friendship through commitment to our church body, having fun together, worshiping together, praying for one another, and discussing challenging topics together.


Rhett and Val Austin