Nick Perrin

Nick Perrin

Although it is blessedly true that through the gospel we find all our deepest personal needs met (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical), one of the chief glories of the gospel is that through Jesus Christ we as a people may now finally bring God the worship due his name. That is our highest calling; that is when we realize our fullest and greatest purpose as individuals. Worship is not something we do for ourselves; it’s something we do for God. The quality of worship does not depend on what we get out of it; the quality of worship depends on what we give to it. Thanks to the coming of the kingdom, our core identity as the worshiping imago dei has already been settled. The rest is just details. That is our significance.

Nicholas Perrin, The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theology (Zondervan, 2019), 232-233


Nick Perrin is the senior pastor at Faith Community Church. He is also a full-time professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. Nick’s most recent publications include Jesus the Priest (Baker Academic, 2019) and The Kingdom of God: A Biblical Theology (Zondervan, 2019). For three years, Nick served as NT Wright’s research assistant while pastoring at International Presbyterian Church in London. He and his wife, Camie, were the founders of Covenant Classical School in Naperville, Illinois. They have two adult sons, Nathaniel and Luke.

Ph.D. Marquette University; M.Div. Covenant Theological Seminary

Transitional Associate Pastor
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